Moorhuhn 0.96

Crazy capers with chickens and shotguns


  • Mindless fun
  • Easy controls


  • Gets very repetitive
  • Lack of options

Not bad

If you were a fan of the original Moorhuhn game for PC and Nintendo then you might want to check out this clone for Pocket PC.

The object of Moorhuhn is to shoot as many flying chickens as you can within a given time period. The fowl fly at you from both sides of the screen and you must tap with the stylus or your finger to blast them. Be careful though because your rifle only holds up to five bullets at a time, so you'll need to keep reloading.

The graphics in Moorhuhn are pleasing on the eye with funny cartoon chickens and an attractive landscape background. The shooting and reloading sound effects are well done too.

In terms of its gameplay, Moorhuhn is somewhat limited. It's a little easy and there is a distinct lack of variety. There's only one level and one game mode, which gets very repetitive, aside from the different movements of the chickens and the occasional power-up, which gives you more points if you shoot it.

Moorhuhn is a fun, mindless timewaster that's ideal for bus journeys, but its lack of variety means it's ultimately a bit of a lame duck.

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Moorhuhn 0.96

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